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50 Years of Experience
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SKUs 285.000
Head Quarter @Milan
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During the month of July a new player, one of the most important in the Italian aftermarket sector, was created: NSD srl. NSD srl, equally controlled by the mega distributors OVAM and Idir, will form the national and international reference for the future of the IAM sector. This will take place through a joint restructuring plan based on organizational synergies and fundamental new projects.

IDIR an OVAM, two leaders in the Italian aftermarket distribution sector, strengthen their partnership giving life to NSD srl, with the mega-distributors Ovam and Idir holding a 50% stake each. The NewCo, with its head office in Milan, was created with the intention of being the only company capable of guaranteeing continued value and sustainable growth to all stakeholders of national and international distribution branches. A company with no equal in Italy: two companies for one single market, sharing many similarities and complements, able to produce, already from this year, a combined turnover of €110 million. Both companies are united and present themselves with one dynamic element: a development plan aimed at doubling aggregate turnover within 5 years.

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