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NSD: siglato l’accordo di cooperazione internazionale con PDA



NSD, the new-co created by the joint venture between Idir and Ovam, had its official presentation during Automechanika in Frankfurt – the biennial automotive aftermarket fair in Germany.
Automechanika was chosen for the official presentation of NSD to the global market, new-co the brainchild of IDIR and OVAM. The main aftermarket manufacturers present in Frankfurt, gathered for the traditional get together organised by Temot International, had the opportunity to get to know the new player in the Italian distribution market: the figures and strategic projects that make up the soul of the joint partnership.

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NSD: IDIR and OVAM together to “Exchange the Future” of distribution in Italy

During the month of July a new player, one of the most important in the Italian aftermarket sector, was created: NSD srl. NSD srl, equally controlled by the mega distributors OVAM and Idir, will form the national and international reference for the future of the IAM sector. This will take place through a joint restructuring plan based on organizational synergies and fundamental new projects.
IDIR an OVAM, two leaders in the Italian aftermarket distribution sector, strengthen their partnership giving life to NSD srl, with the mega-distributors Ovam and Idir holding a 50% stake each. The NewCo, with its head office in Milan, was created with the intention of being the only company capable of guaranteeing continued value and sustainable growth to all stakeholders of national and international distribution branches.

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